Is 500pips Scam? – You Will Know By The End Of This Discussion

500pips is a new online broker platform that provides the intermediate facilities between a trader and the stock market. Because it is unique, many people have made various unfavourable statements about its authenticity and the services. So, we have tried to delve deep into the matter and made some initial research on the web platform as well as the mobile application.

Here we will see the platforms’ legitimacy, their services, the customer support portal and few other aspects that would clarify if the platform is genuine or not.

Step In With Safety And Security Features Of The Platform

As soon as you visit the platform, you will find that it requires a username and password to login into the account. Moreover, you can extend the security at this step by two-factor login in which an OTP will be sent to verify that it is you who is trying to log in to the account. The platform uses some top-notch encryption technology at specific steps like payments or withdrawals to make secure and safe payments.

Your personal details are not shared with anyone outside the platform, and an encrypted payment page ensures nobody is watching your payment details. The platform is pretty transparent, and we did not find any significant safety bug during the visit.

Cfds Trading Features And Basic Technological Facilities 

We also tried the trading portal and made a few trades while comparing the charts and graphs with another broking application. It was visible that there were no signs of manipulation as both applications were showing similar patterns all the time. Even when we made a position, it was naturally trending as per the market with zero manipulation.

Moreover, the orders get automatically squared off in intraday trading, not to have to worry about it if somehow it skips your mind. All other features were also genuine and adequately working for the entire time. The trading platform is fully equipped with modern tools like charts, candles, different calculators, and much more, which could help traders study the market efficiently.

Customer Support Was Responsive And Available 24×5 At 500pips

Whatever account package you have, the customer help executives are available for all. You can communicate to them via email or live chat available on the web platform and mobile application both. The executives are well-mannered and highly skilful in providing solutions to any problem related to the broking platform.

So, we made the following summing up data with the experience on the platform that you can use to decide whether 500pips scam stories are real or not.

  • Safe and effective account management and access.
  • Encrypted payment gateways and security features like two-factor authentication.
  • Live data feeds directly from the stock markets to your screens without manipulation.
  • 24×5 available customer support executives via email or live chat.

With these factors, it would be easy to judge the platform, and you can decide on your own before registering with the platform.

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